About Sulaski and Webb

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Our firm's mission is to help our clients achieve success by providing personalized attention and a commitment to service. Our dedication to helping you achieve your financial goals means placing a premium on timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy.

Sulaski & Webb, CPAs has a long history of service in public accounting. The firm was founded in 1982 as William D. Sulaski, CPA. In January 1984, the partnership of Sulaski & Webb, CPAs was formed with the admission of Mary Ann Webb. Dawn M. Carlson joined the firm in 1998 and was admitted to the partnership in January 2008. Mr. Sulaski retired in 2011. 

Our offices are located in the historic Illinois House. We are proud to have attracted outstanding professional and support staff. With their support we provide public accounting services to meet our clients’ needs.